After 50 year in and around the porn industry, as a consumers, seller, producer and model. I have a lot to share. Some you'll find funny, others shocking and a lot revealing about what really goes on behind the scenes in porn. From the days of B?W to porn on mobile phones, through the time of computers with 10 megabyte hard drives, to today's 128 Gigabyte mobile phones. Through times when porn was very hard to find, to today when free porn is everywhere and everyone can find it. Even through times of being dragged out of bed, by the police kicking in my door. That wasn't fun.


Czech porn model Kristen and the casting couch.

 Czech porn model Kristen and the casting couch. After arriving 20 minutes late for her interview, Kristen’s very apologetic. Which isn’t normal for girls turning up for a porn model casting. I immediately got a good impression, sweet, cute and pretty. Even though she did seem a bit timid and this worried me, timid girls make […]

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Czech Porn Girls

In 1989, the Iron Curtain fell and Czech porn girls flooded in front of our cameras.  Porn was never the same. Girls like Kristen. Working as an Au Pair, for £35 a week, studying English, away from home, boyfriend, free, single and keen to earn a month’s wages in a day. Hadn’t been fucked for three months. And […]

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My introduction to porn shops.

My introduction to porn shops. I was 15, just started working as a trainee chef at a top London restaurant, where part of the restaurant was a steak grill open to the clientèle. Often I would work on the grill grilling steaks for customers. Every day at 12.00 sharp an Irishman would come in, have […]

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