After 50 year in and around the porn industry, as a consumers, seller, producer and model. I have a lot to share. Some you'll find funny, others shocking and a lot revealing about what really goes on behind the scenes in porn. From the days of B?W to porn on mobile phones, through the time of computers with 10 megabyte hard drives, to today's 128 Gigabyte mobile phones. Through times when porn was very hard to find, to today when free porn is everywhere and everyone can find it. Even through times of being dragged out of bed, by the police kicking in my door. That wasn't fun.


Revenge porn, is there a workable solution?

  Revenge Porn is there a workable solution? Revenge porn, is big news today The “Chattering Classes” are up in arms that intimate pictures of naked ex partners, mostly females, are being published and shared online. Oversimplifying Revenge Porn Won’t Help the YNOT article tries to include pictures of men in the problem. The truth is men […]

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Making money from porn

Making money from porn, can be easy, hard or impossible. It all comes down to the product, marketing and advertising. And with the thousands of examples on how to do it right, or get it wrong. It’s amazing so many still get it wrong. Many stuck in the past, or in webmaster ruts that leads them […]

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Making Money Online.

Making Money Online in porn, is one of the most often asked questions. And many approach it from the perspective that worked in 1998. Then getting traffic was the answer, today getting traffic is the easiest part. Getting enough traffic to find someone who will buy something, for many is the real problem. They have […]

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Lupe Lohan Free Sex Show

Maybe she hasn’t become infamous for a celebrity sex tape, but that’s only because—unlike the mainstream performer who shares her last name—Lupe Lohan prefers to get her carnal kicks the old-fashioned way: live. Lupe Lohan will perform live on webcam Nov. 6, beginning at 3 p.m. EST. The free show, broadcast via, offers fans […]

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