My porn stories

After nearly 50 years in and around the porn industry, I have a lot of stories to share. Some good, many great and one or two terrible. Like the brushes with the boys in blue.

From the mid sixties and swinging London, to toady and hopefully tomorrow.

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Cute Teens I have "KNOWN"

So many to tell you about, from the best to the worse. Most I can't remember their names, some I didn't even know, some I dated for a long time and one I'm still with. The stories are true, all I did was change the names of the guilty.

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Lesbian Stories

They all love girl on girl sex. Stories from the

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Pussy Licking

  Girls love pussy licking even more than boys do. Whether they’re doing the┬ápussy licking or getting some┬ápussy. They just love it. Is it because they love it when their boyfriends pulls his cock out of her pussy that’s dripping in her love juices, and sucking, licking and tasting the sweet juice from her own […]

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